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CUsTogether Conferences

Promoting Education, Professional Development and Fellowship

September 9 - 11, 2021


$625 per participant

$125 per guest

$155 per guest with lunch

$85  Virtual Attendance

Kingston Plantation

Myrtle Beach, SC

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2020 Conferences

Employees Conference Participant Rating 4.72 (out of 5)


This has been most timely and much needed, excellent information.

Thank you for this amazing opportunity.  I'm excited to use the skills and information provided and feel confident they will help me be successful in my career and professional life.

This has been a great experience and makes me feel like a valued part of the CU family.

Thank you for creating a welcoming and open environment for us to grow, network, and develop personally and professionally.  This conference exceeded my expectations.

Leadership Conference Participant Rating 4.95 (out of 5)


Excellent conference.  All info was relevant to today's environment.  Well done!!!

A worthwhile and enjoyable conference.

A lot of pertinent take-aways to assist with understanding and developing a team.

Fantastic advice for leaders and me included!  Bring more like this.

Excellent and valuable info on how to lead in today's competitive environment.

Had a highly enjoyable time and have a lot of take-backs to the CU!  Thanks!

Everything was great!  Enjoyed all speakers!